Don’t step onto a casino floor until you’re 21.

When you decide to enter a casino underage, you’re risking more than wagers. You’re risking your reputation. Your relationships. Your future career. Your character.

If you’re under 21 and step onto a casino’s gaming floor, you’ve broken the law and the consequences could change the course of your life. So before you attempt to step onto a casino floor, think to yourself, “What’s really at stake?” There are some things you can lose that you will never get back.


In Pennsylvania, gambling within a casino while under the age of 21 can have severe consequences. While it could affect your image and reputation, there are also legal repercussions, health issues and the potential for compulsive behavior.

  • Arrest and fines
  • A conviction placed on your permanent record
  • Banned from the casino even after you turn 21
  • Photo and information placed on a public website with career or professional offenders and cheats, which could harm your future career prospects
  • Possible development of anxiety or depression
  • Risk of developing a gambling disorder
  • Greater risk of developing another addiction, such as smoking or alcoholism

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Don’t Try Your Luck!

Don’t try your luck! Guards at Pennsylvania casinos use scanners to check the government-issued ID of anyone appearing younger than 30.

Signs of a Gambling Problem

With the ease of access to the Internet, more and more teens are underage gambling online.

Types of Gambling

Gambling doesn’t always involve a slot machine or blackjack table. 

Hey Over 21ers
Parents, Siblings, Friends.

If you’re looking for resources on how to talk with someone about underage gambling – or how to handle someone who may have a gambling addiction – check out this information.